Government order not to harass, coerce or intimidate Kelley ignored by college officials

What the college did to make me first complain was that none of the staff out at the college would give me any direct answers to the questions that I was asking of how the paralegal program that I was in was being taught and how it seemed that the program which was comprised mostly of about 98 percent female was ALWAYS slanting the program in their favor. It seemed that on the majority of the exams that the paralegal was almost always referred to in the female gender. What really got me was what the college did to me by yanking me out of my tutoring sessions for no good reason when I needed the tutoring the most to prepare for my exams. The college would unjustly place me on academic probation that would not allow me to receive the financial assistance that I would need to pay for my classes. If I could not pay for my classes I could not register for my classes. If I could not register for my classes then I could not attend my classes and THAT is what the college wanted THE MOST! They wanted me out of there because I brought the feds in on them plus to also make an example out of me so that NO other student or employee would get any wild ideas about having the college federally investigated for ANYTHING no matter how deserving the investigation might be!

I was illegally kicked out. When I say illegally kicked out that was what happened to me because I brought the feds into the college to do a federal investigation into the college for possible sexual discrimination charges. The college had two manufactured reasons as to why the college illegally kicked me out. One was they said that I cheated on an exam. WRONG! What it was I took a medical dictionary into a make up exam to make sure that i spelled my words right. THERE WERE NO WORDS DEFINED IN THIS DICTIONARY! I just used it to make sure that I spelled my words right. Playing the devil’s advocate even if I were cheating on thenexam WHICH I WAS NOT I do believe that I would have answered all of the questions which I did not do. But do you think that the powers to be at that college wanted to give me any benefit of the doubt and believe me? NO WAY WHAT SO EVER!! The college and especially Dr. Tom Barton’s lieutenant that always did his dirty work for him was Owen Perkins and he is THE ONE that would not listen to my side of the story.

The second charge was that of verbally abusing an instructor over the telephone which was also bogus. This instructor called me from either her own home or her office and I had a conversation which I had with her and I told her over the phone that the course that I had with her was a waste of my time and I hung up on her. What gets me is that Owen Perkins said in that mickey mouse of a hearing at Tech that he could verify what that instructor said to me over the telephone! I would like to know how that was possible? Was he listening in on an extension without informing me that he was on an extension listening in on a conversation that i was having with an instructor? If so why did he or that instructor not inform me that he was listening in on the other phone?

So, both of those manufactured charges were bogus and were without any type of merit what so ever. What all this boils down to was nothing but a witch hunt or rather a federal witness hunt because I brought the feds in on the college. This was also done I do believe to make an example out of me if any of the other students or any of the employees ever decided to have the college investigated for any reason or reasons what so ever!

Bascially what the letter from the D.O.E. said that the college was being federally investigated at my request for possible sexual discrimination charges and that the college would be prohibited from either coercing, threatening, harassing, or intimidating me in any way while the investigation into the college was pending and after it was concluded! Talk about a lie and betrayal for almost four weeks later I was called out of one of my classes by a security guard of the college and he hand delivered to me a letter from the college saying that if I did not leave the college immediately and that if I attempted to return that I would be arrested! Excuse me! Say What? It was then that I was illegally kicked out of the college and I have not returned to the college since then.

The reason that the college selected me is because I brought the feds into the college and they did not like that or having their authority the way that they ran the college to be questioned! I do have a lot of correspondence and other documentation that will give you a better light on what I have been thru for over the past six years.

After I was kicked out of the college I immediate got home and got busy and wrote a letter to the D.O.E. in Atlanta and I had to wait till the next day on a Monday to call down there at Atlanta and raise all kinds of H— about the way that I was done in and the fact that the D.O.E. left me out to dry and did NOTHING NOT ONE THING to prevent that college from violating my rights like they promised me that they would in that letter dated August 11 1992. I complained mostly about the way that I was lied to and betrayed by the D.O.E. and the way that the paralegal program that I was in was run by the administration.

Since the paralegal program that I was in was mostly made up of females and I was just about one of three or four males in the entire program, they, the adminsitration I believed wanted me out of the program because I was taking the place of another female that the college could have placed in that program. That is why I faced all of the retaliation that I did from the college to try and get me out of there.

The college tried several ploys to get me out by making sure there were no funds available for me to pay for my classes as that I needed the financial aid but somehow it always seemed to dry up when it came to helping me out. Everyone else that wanted or needed financial aid like I did was not put thru the wringer like I was. I was even placed on academic probation to disqualify me for any type of financial assistance even though my grades were high and had no reason for me to be placed on academic probation other than to make sure that I could not get the financial aid that I needed to pay for my classes. If I could not pay for my classes I could not register and sign up for the classes. And if I could not register for the classes there was no way that I could attend them. Also please bear in mind that the college has been allowed to illegally hold my grades and transcripts hostage unlesss I repay them for a loan for classes that I was unable to attend because I was illegally kicked out of the college while the college was being federally investigated at my request for possible sexual discrimination charges. Talk about rubbing salt into my wounds already!

Story submitted by Rick Kelley