The Set Up


Nine Years of Grief Caused by Lousy Judges, Unfair System

Before running away and hiding in Texas my ex-girlfriend decided to get revenge for our breaking up by giving false information to the BATF,a local Sheriff’s Deputy, and my employer at the time Verizon telephone company. She made up false claims to them such as I had and manufactured illegal firearms, stolen property from them and their customers and had people beat up while in their employement. On her word alone without even checking into my background they acted!

On Nov.22,1992 nine swat team members with automatic weapons and full riot gear from the BATF raided my house under the cloak of darkness. With them was the local Sheriff’s deputy who arranged everything including bringing along a private citizen from the telephone company.

No illegal guns were found after the search was over as was stated on the search warrant, because there wasn’t any. The Verizon employee after searching around saw some items that appeared to be similar as the ones they use, such as black tape,a pair of gloves,an umbrella. The following day I was fired from my job of over 25 years even though I could prove these items were not their property.

I took all three to Federal Court for violating my 4th Amendment right, because the warrant stated only illegal firearms and they had no right to bring along a third party to search for other things. The 4th circuit Court of Appeals upheld the claim and wrote a 22 page opinion stateing what they did was wrong. Even with this decision a Jury found no fault with the BATF who was in charge of the raid but found the Sheriff guilty.I was awarded the monumental sum of $8,500.00 neither the BATF or Sheriff was fined or punished!

Judge Kizer had thrown the phone company out of the claim stating they could not violate a constitutional right, even though they planned this together. We took Verizon to Circuit Court in Roanoke Va. for violating a tresspass law because when I asked the man to leave my residence the night of the raid he refused. A jury found Verizon guilty of tresspassing which caused me to lose my job and awarded me $250,000.00. This shocked Judge Doherty so much that before the jury had cleared the courtroom he called the lawyers into his chambers and stated it was too much money and he wasn’t going to let me have it. He held the guilty verdict and wanted it retried on the money issue.

When the new trial date came around the judge informed us we couldn’t show any evidence of lost wages, lost job, any type of emotional stress, anything. He witheld evidence from the jury so they would come to a conclusion he liked, which was to give us nothing which they did.

My lawyer Terry Grimes has filed papers to the Judge concerning the amount and we are awaiting his decision.

I know we have the option to appeal and we will when its over but this has been going on for 9 years already with all the papers and appeals Verizon has made. I feel what the judge did was out of line, holding back the evidence. If judges can do this then why do we have a jury system. With all the money I have spent over the years trying to protect the rights of everyone I have found out one thing for sure – THE POWERFUL AND RICH CONTROL THE COURTS AND ITS LAWS. Why do only the common people have to go by the rules and laws? Who gave these other people the right to do as they please and break the laws??

Submitted by:
Daniel Buonocore