I’m a fourth year University of Michigan student. This past January I had a very bad experience at the U of M Medical Center, where I had been employed since 1993. A policy was used on me that I had been exempted from in 1997. This policy stated that students had to work at least 30 hours a week or could not be considered “permanent” and could not have any benefits or job security.

HRD at the Medical Center was aware of my exempt status. However, I lost my position at the Medical Center because I became a student, even though I had been a staff member prior to becoming a student and had been working as a staff member for years after becoming a student. I went throught the grievance process at the Medical Center Human Resources Department. They readily dismissed me and stated “since you showed no desire to work in a temporary capacity we think that you should lose your permanent status.”

This was stated because I had told them “I did not agree to work under these conditions, I don’t even know what my pay is now.” They also confirmed that I was indeed exempt from the policy that had been used against me. In addition to this, the University told the State of Michigan Unemployment office that I had “quit to spend more time with school.”

I have documented proof from the Unemployment office to support this claim from the University, which is absolutely false. Needless to say I feel victimized by the policy that was inappropriately used against me and the fraudulent statements that the University provided to the State of Michigan which prevented me from collecting unemployment compensation. I feel that the University of Michigan has violated my rights, blatantly. Isn’t something like this considered unfair labor practices? I mean, bumping someone to a temp status prevents the University from having to pay for benefits and takes that persons seniority from them. – James