My name is Michael McKinney, I am the father of Jennifer McKinney. A few days ago she submitted a case statement to you about the rape that occurred to her in 1998.

I as well am working towards justice in this case. From the day she faced up to the truth and notified the police department, she has never received the smallest portion of justice. In fact if you read all the documents we have sent the County Attorney and State Attorney General you would realize that the local police stripped her of her civil rights and justice. They simply did nothing.

We have researched police procedures for rape accusations and procedures to investigate this type of case. The local police department literally stalled and ignored her pleas to do something. The only eye witness to the rape of my daughter by possibly two men entered into the establishment and caught them. The police were notified of his name, he was known to be terminally ill. They delayed and never talked to him despite her pleas. He died.

We have done all that we can, because our justice system protects those in law enforcement and official positions unless gross negligence can be proved. I tried to find an atorney to help us, but most of them will not take the case (no money for them). We are at the end of our wits. Possibly two men are walking the streets that have taken a portion of mine and my daughters life away.

I am sure if you read the documents that have been exchanged between ourselves and the proper authorities, you would agree that there has been a miscarriage of justice.

Please e-mail me at this address. I am anxious to help my daughter move on with her life. She has stated to me many times that she cannot totally move forward until she gaets some kind of closure to this part of her life.

JENNIFER’S STORY: The events took place in Kansas

When I was 18 yrs old, I was invited to a local bar, The Liberty Icehouse by a friend. At the bar the Bartender, Terry Barnett, gave me drinks and I believe he slipped something into one of them. I remember that he and another man, John Hinsley, closed the bar up early but we were finishing a game of pool.

Then I must have passed out or been so drugged that I have no recollection of the next six hours. I woke the next morning feeling sick and vaginally sore. I was in a house I had never been in before missing parts of my clothing. I had no memory of the events that had happened. I live in a small town, so word spreads fast. Apparently a local man had walked in the back door of the Liberty Icehouse and caught Terry Barnett and John Hinsley taking turns having sex with a young girl who was passed out on the floor. He had left and went to the other bar in town where his sister was the bartender. There he told her what he had seen at the other bar.

But for some reason no one called the police. When I heard the rumor I knew it was me they were talking about. I went to the Cherryvale police department and reported that I had been raped by two men in our town. I also told them the names of the two men, along with the names of other people who had been at the bar that night, and the name and address of the man who had said he walked in on the act.

Time passed no arrests were made so I became very frustrated. I went back to the police who had never contacted me again, and asked about the investigation. They had no record of my complaint. So, I filed another staement. Again I heard nothing. Six months passed and the man who had witnessed it died of heart attack having never been questioned. Those two men, who raped me, and the police, who failed to protect me, are free men and have yet to answer for the crimes they have committed on me. What can I do?