Now that I have found you I am going to use you for this case. I charge the US Senate and US House of Representatives and any other public official whether federal or state with being guilty of deceat. I claim this on the ground that they are being supported by men and women who the public is unknowingly supporting by their purchasing power. I also claim the right of being informed about the political preferences of any business and/or businesses before hand so that I can decide whether to give them my money and offer them my business as a patron.

I feel with the political atmosphere so flagrantly flaunted on TV and the news in the past years and the lines being drawn it is my right to know where or what a business stands for and behind. If I am a democrat,why would I want to purchase from a republicans store or use a republicans business or service. I would most certainly want to support my own political friends. Correct? If I were a republican the same would be true. Why would I want to do business with anyone but a republican.

This goes for any other political entities out there. Liberal,conservatives etc… I feel that this country’s politics has reached a level of out right finger pointing and it is only fair that I know who I am dealing with when I spend my money. It doesn’t matter who waits on me or serves me, for they are only help, but it does matter where my money goes since they have made a big stink about it and flung dirty smart remarks at each other like elementary school kids.

I think that it is only legal and fair to me the public to know who owns the store I am walking into before I go into into it. They should have a place by the business name or logo that stipulates what political side they are on, or if they are Democrat,Republican,liberal,etc…

Sides have been chosen and I want to know. It is my right to know. If I disagree with the senator from Utah and he owns Kmart or Walmart I don’t want to and will not shop at those stores. Is this not only logical. Why would I shop at his store and support his politics when I disagree with him. This runs against the grain and make up of this country. It seems politicians want to have their cake and eat it too. I think we should put a stop to it.

This strategy would put power back in the vote and the people instead of the lobbyist. This would make their backsides pucker with fear. This would hit them where it hurts them the most. Their money power and their money supporting lobbyist who are really the force behind this nation. They are the ones that get things done however they want. We need to change this before it is too late. – Hector