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To whom it may concern:
My name is Joyce Carter, i am a 50 yr. old woman.I have a mentally and physically disabled daughter and have really been put through hell first by a sick and abusive husband now ex-husband, and the legal system. my ex was very abusive beating me,and my son and drawing a shotgun on me and even firing a shotgun at my mother.

I was married in 1967, my x gradually got more and more abusive, I was afraid if I left him he would kill me, finally i realized that if i didnt get away he would kill someone, After he fired a shotgun at my mother(he definately would have hit her,if i hadnt pushed up on the barrel of the gun.I filed charges, I also filed for a divorce.I was working a very good job at the time,but I became very ill physically and emotionally.I lost 35 lbs, unable to sleep or concentrate,and was diagnosed with post tramatic stress.My ex was court ordered to pay the mortgages and utilities because he could afford it he worked at ups and also was a trustee in the teamsters earning 56,000 in 1988. The mortgages were 940 per mo. anyway, he did not pay one payment.when he got 10,000 behind in the mortgages the bank started foreclosure,the courts allowed my ex to withdraw the 10,000 from our savings instead of following the court orders. I did not like that they allowed him to take money from our savings so I switched attys.

My next atty, I thought was Pete Milless, in our consultation he agreed that I should have not had to release money to catch up his court ordered obligation. and I told him I wanted to end up with the house with the second mortgage paid off. We were in agreement. Mr Milless started off ok bringing up my ex on contempt charges in 1989. My ex received 3 days of a 30 day sentence and was supposed to bring mortgages current. He was continuing to not pay the court orders and we were behind again, Then Mr. Milless (my atty) turned my case over to a very new atty. Mr. Delligatti.i never dreamed such nightmares could have happened.

Mr.Delligatti (my new atty) allowed my ex to continue not paying the court ordered amount for approx 10 more months totaling 16 mos. in arrearages,the bank was foreclosing again.my atty had waited so long he sent me to a bankrupcy atty to allow him time to have us which I was opposed to (withdraw another 20,000 from savings and an insurance check again instead of making my ex pay his court orders. I was getting more and more sick, depressed, and scared, how was I supposed to provide and care for my son and disabled daughter with no house no assetts and no money for the future and still unable to work? We also had a camper and lot we owned that was going into foreclosure, I told Mr.Delligatti and he said he would get that straightened out too.The house was approx 17 pymts behind now,in august 1989 the atty received the money from savings to catch up the mortgages, he and the bankrupcy atty sent me letters that they had been caught up.and the bankruptcy was dropped. I was a little relieved that they had been caught up from all the letters I received stating this. In the middle of november 1989 I received a call from a gentleman asking if I would take 1,000 to sell the home to him,and that it was going to sheriffs sale. I didnt underwtand, I told him the mortgages had been caught up. I then called atty delligatti and told him about the call and told him my home was going to sheriffs sale and he knew abour it. I told him I sure the hell didnt. What he knew I found out later from the bank. Mr.Delligatti sent in the incorrect amount to the bank and was supposed to correct the amount and send it back. He did not do this, he allowed me to believe in letters that he had.and told me nothing to the contrary. I asked him if he was going to save the home and he said he could not. I fired him he tricked me in the worse way I had a disabled daughter needing 24 hr care, unable to work and no where to go he even lost the camper. We could have stayed there for a while.my ex was 21,800.00 behind in court ordered obligations and even with the court cost the home was lost because of 19,000.00 arrearages and we had released approx 20,000 from savings this time to catch up the arrearages on the home, I dont even know what happened to this savings money. Mr.Delligattis bill totaled 18,000.00 this is what he charged for losing everything I worked for .

I then hired a malpractice atty, ray groves,that filed a case, then just let it sit and finally it was dismissed withour presidence,he did however win an appeal on the fee case,but did nothing with that either.

I then hired another atty,in cincinnatti,itried to find someone in columbus,but i couldnt find anyone in columbus to go against delligatti hollenbaugh brisco and milless.the attys name in cincinnatti was jim rimedio.he reviewed my case and also had me pay a divorce atty to see if my divorce atty delligatti had mishadled the case his name was mr collins. mr. collins also agreed with rimedio that i had a good case.he proceeded on my case,then my father filed chaper 13 to reorganize his bills and to pay delligattis 18,300.00 bill.i dont know why,but rimedio said my case had to be stayed until my fathers chapter 13 was finished.i never understood this because,my father did not try to sue delligatti i did. my father was not on this lawsuit.anyhow my fathers chapter 13 was finished in june of 1999 and mr rimedio told me after my fathers chap 13 was finished that he did not think we could proceed with the lawsuit because the bill was paid by my father.he had to pay them to keep from loosing his house.and why did rimedio stay the case for 5 yrs. if he was not going to be able to proceed with it after the 5 yrs??the last time i spoke with rimedio was in march. he will not give me a status report,will not answer my emails of my phone calls,and will not return the approx.3,000.00 he has of my or my records so that i may proceed with another atty. i believe he has also messed up……

I had to take my children and move in with my mother,christmas of 1990,we were sat out of our home,with nothing. I was unableto pay her> In 1992 I thought the nightmare was over the divorce was. But I was still sick and would remain so for a long time after. Everything was lost we had a lot that I did receive,and I sold it to pay my mother for helping to keep us. I only received allimony for 2 yrs and it was not enough to cover our living expenses.

My dad made payments to Mr.Delligatti until his bill was paid off and im still trying to pay him back I was just able to get back to work 3 yrs ago and im trying to pay my parents back and barely making it financially in my divorce decree it states my ex was supposed to pay child support for our disabled daughter beginning jan. of 1994 he had not been paying, I was too sick to fight him and was afraid of what he might do,if I tried. We have been struggling for years just to keep a home and food and hes been rolling in money,he just finished a 3 yr tearm for teamsters local 413 president in Columbus, Ohio.his brother told me he has seen him drop approx 500.00 at a time in those tear offs at the bars. He supports his new wifes children and grandchildren ,but pleads poverty when it comes to supporting his own disabled child.anyway, approx 2 and 1/2 yrs ago i started feeling strong enough to not be afraid and try to collect the child support he owes, I still worry about him getting drunk and going off or even worse things I cant get into now.

Any how, here i am 2 and 1/2 yrs later still trying to collect and headed for financial ruin again i owe my current atty appros 15,000 again and were going to have a trial calling wittnesses and everything again in june, i cant understand why and how this is happening.all i want the courts to do his make him for one time do what he is court ordered to do.just once,without having to go through this hell really can’t take it, im not sleeping again having chest pains again all over again. It never ends. How can the courts allow this? my ex told me and my son he will always win in court because the teamsters runs the courts, Im beginning to wonder.

The courts are holding it against me for not trying to collect it earlier,believe me we have needed money for necessities .I took him back to court as soon as I possibly was able emotionally, the courts dont understand, how sick an abusive relationship can make you, I never understood how sick it could make me either. My doctor is going to court with me to explain wwhat severe abuse from my husband, and the legal system has done to me. I was always so strong, I had to be,but somewhere I just got really sick and the stress of trying to push to get better only made me more sick. Im still pushing and I dont know if I can finish fighting him withour getting sick again our daughter takes 24 hr care I have to stay healthy and strong for her.also his brother told me about him stabbing his 2nd wife with a fork and our son has told me about him and his 2nd wife fighting. He tells my son he wants to see tracy but when my son would try to work out a visitation date he would always make an excuse to back out, he doesnt really want to see her he’s had visitation privileges for 13 years and has never followed through with any plans of visitation , this is just manipulation because he knows im afraid for him to be alone with her. He has serious anger issues and still acts them out with his wife and that I can prove. He also dropped her health insurance through work that never even costed him anything, He was also court ordered to provide this for her through his work.

I have court documents to support everything I’ve said here and also witnesses to the abuse. Please can someone help us? I really can’t continue paying attys and cannot take what this is doing to my health, Im about ready to give up trying to collect the child support, It is costing me so much financially and healthwise I dont know if its worth it, We really need the money but im out so much trying to collect it already. Why did i spend 18.000 loosing everything and getting a divorce decree and now having to spend 15,000 trying to have it inforced??? Is it just a worthless piece of paper? Why is it taking so long? and costing me more than I have? my ex knows I cant afford to fight him, He will win again unless I can get someone to listen and help us, Thank You for taking the time to read this, If anyone can help us please,please do so, I would Greatly appreciate any help or services offered.


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PH. (614) 497-2567 P.S.: since all of these catastrophies with the divorce atty michael delligatti i tried to file a lawsuit against him with atty ray groves he mishandled the case by not filing a dismissal without presijuce order? anyhow atty jim rimedio has since filed a lawsuit against him and i dont know where that stands as of now, im trying to find out just where we stand….he is holding approx 3,000 of mine,since 95,he said because my f ather filed chapter 13 to reconstruct the delligatti bill (fees for my divorce) in 95 which was paid and completed in june of 2000.the case had to be stayed, i dont understand this,since my father was not in my lawsuit filed against delligatti.now my father has been out of the chapter 13 for a year and rimedio has still not reopened the case, not retutned my money,not will he give me a status report,i have tried to call and email him, with no response,leading me to believe he has done something wrong….please help me