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My employer from hell (Ms. Lynn P. Sutton-Giglia), came into my life in March of 1998. Within a week she made an offer of employment that included 25-percent share of the company, company car and additional perks.

After further negotations I accepted her offer and came onboard. Within 6 months I find myself as a defendant in a lawsuit because she refused to pay her attorney when she lost a case for not paying a seller of a competing small business she purchased.

Another 6 months I find she is bouncing checks, after reviewing company books, I learn that she is taking money out of the company by having company pay for personal expenses to the tune of $5,000+ per month.

After a confrontation, she began a campaign to keep me, “You can’t leave, your a partner,” “I asked the attorney to issue the stock,” “I’m working on the financial papers now.”

It’s been six months since I quit, stock was never issued, she now claims I was only part-time and/or I’m permentantly on medical leave.

Now I’ve learned she runs a shell game with companies, has several lawsuits against her, has cheated many, many people and has just had a judgement against her for fraud and deception with a Non-profit children’s organization.

I am out $21,000 in promised salary and commission for work completed, I’ve received “death threats” via e-mail that also included extortion and blackmail. I’ve been charged with “breaking and entering” and she wants $100,000 Cash for “damages.”

The FBI has told me that indeed she has violated US Code, but the US Attorney General would not prosecute such a small case and therefore they closed the file.

On the plus side, I’ve started a support group and we have monthly meetings where victims and their lawyers share all information and provide encouragement.

This week she appeared for a deposition, insulted everyone, lied, cried and threatend everyone – on the record! But when will all this end and it will be my time? I’m tired of being a victim of this woman’s fraud.

Today I’ve learned she sent personal information about my “alternate lifestyle” to most of my clients, business associates, attorneys in this case and now my mother. Upon receiving this information, my mother collasped and suffered a stroke. Justice is slow and I can’t afford the $25,000 retainer to proceed. Any suggestions would be helpful.— Gordan LaGrow, Massachusetts