Net Fraud


For 7 months, I have been making payments on a car I don’t have. It all started when I met a man over the Internet in a chat room. This man claimed he was in love with me and wanted to marry me. In fact, He wanted to take care of me and my kids and wanted us to start a family together. After numerous E-mails and phone calls I fell in love with him and trusted him. Little did I know that his man was about to scam me out of what I worked so hard to obtain.

The culprits name is Michael Kreuger he lives in Mukwonago Wisconsin and at the time he went by the screen name FlyerMK. As our relationship progressed he found out that I had a 1996 Chevy Blazer which I was paying $750 monthly. This car was giving me a lot of trouble so he offered to fix the car at no cost. He claimed “he could not have his women driving around in an unsafe car” I took him up on the offer. He shipped my car out to Milwaukee where he claimed he would have it fixed by a dealership called NorthStar. After a month went by, he told me that it would be better If I had the car sold and with the money pay off the bank and with the rest buy another car. I agreed. He claimed it was better if he sold the car because that way I won’t get jerked. He told me in order for him to sell the car he would need the title and I would have to make him Power of Attorney that way the authorities won’t question him, I agreed. I had fully trusted this man.

As time went on I realized that he had told me a series of lies. Therefore I put an end to our relationship. What I did not know was that he had no intentions of returning my car to me. To this day he has my car, trying to extort $5000 to $7000 from me to get it back. He also has all the paper work on the car.

Further, he has nude photo’s of me that he said could come in handy if I tried anything other than paying him the money he is asking for. I recently got a call from a girl name Laura Henry who claimed she was his current girlfriend and he is doing the same thing to her. Fraudulently obtaining women’s assets.

Please help me to stop him. I am still paying $750 a month for a car I don’t have. I was victimized by a scam artist that I met on the Internet. If you cant help me please tell me who can. Sincerely,
Sherryl Clarke
Bronx NewYork 10458