Monsanto – Case 326

Monsanto Trial
Voting October 1, 2019 to
November 1, 2019
Return and participate in an honest legal process.
No Lying Lawyers and Crooked Judges.


  • Fraud & Deceit
  • Negligence
  • Ecological Mayhem
  • Conspiracy to Harm Humans & Wildlife
  • Poisoning of Plants, Humans and Animals
  • Theft, Trespassing, Threats to Farmers
  • Malicious & Fraudulent Legal Action Against Farmers
  • Conspiracy to Infiltrate US Government and Unduly Influence the Legislative Process.

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Monsanto is a monsterously huge American agribusiness company out to pollute the world with pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified seeds, hormone-amped milk and dairy products.  They engage in terrorist tactics against farmers who wish NOT to use GM-seeds.



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