Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 00:38:28 -0400
From: judy morris
Subject: UNUM sued for Racketeering, Extortion, Murder in Federal Court

Yes, folks, you heard it here first. Today I filed a lawsuit against UNUM Insurance Company of Portland Maine in Federal District Court, Springfield, Massachusetts and about 50 co-defendants.

Charges include racketeering, extortion, murder, attempted murder, practicing medicine without a license, mail and wire fraud.

I’ve asked for restitution for all UNUM claimants, nullification of gag clauses and $100 Million dollars in damages. If necessary, I am willing to go to the Supreme Court.

I also want to see if there is anyone that knows anyone in the Northeast that can help me videodocument activities related to the lawsuit. I would like have a video produced from the proceedings about how this lawsuit progresses. I will not agree to any meetings or conferences UNLESS they can be videotaped. I will not talk on the phone with any defendants or their lawyers unless they agree to be tape recorded. If UNUM is as honest and wonderful as they think they are they should not have ANY PROBLEM with this request. After all they claim they have nothing to hide.

So, it’s now an OFFICIAL LAWSUIT for you media folks. At what point does this story become news? At least one man is dead, I know of at least one other suicide attempt, at least one woman who was homeless for a year, the lawsuit is official. Please don’t make me stop traffic on the highway to get news coverage.

The insurer, UNUM, had threatened to take legal action against me back in summer 1997 when I started posting on the Internet. I wrote a simple letter (return receipt) to the lawyer that threatened me advising her that if UNUM could prove to me by “compelling evidence” that what I’m saying IS NOT TRUE, I would retract any false statements. I never heard another word about legal action against me.

(UNUM advised me simply to provide “compelling evidence” of my claim in order to get paid, but staunchly refuses to tell me what “evidence” they would find compelling.)

My Racketeering lawsuit is temporarily on hold. It was dismissed (but can be revived) because it was 300 pages long and had 60 defendants. I was hoping some law firm would come forward and take it over but none did. Finding myself exhausted I filed simpler lawsuits against UNUM and my former employer, but still I now have 4 separate lawsuits and an Appeal in three separate Courts. (Phew!!)

Please feel free to contact me, post my information, anything. MORE POWER TO YOU!!! Don’t back down!!

My case is detailed on the following website: http://graham.main.nc.us/~bhammel/INS/judydoc.html

This page is devoted to writings and work of Judy Morris also known as judydoc, and her courageous fight against UNUM in particular, and against the general fraud, extortion and racketeering of the insurance industry that robs millions of people each day, and that is further destroying the Medical Profession.

I know you read these pages. At least I hope you do. You can harass me, surveil me, threaten me and defame me all you want. What you will be unable to do is discredit me. Why? Because I have a valid claim, iron clad wording in my contract, reputable research, the laws of Massachusetts and the United States (at least as they are written on the books), and common sense on my side.

Judy Morris, M.D.