Let me just say immediately you in the emotional state I’m in you cripple me by stipulating that I refrain from using harsh language.

My complain is against the IRS. This is one of those acronyms that is truly named. The Internal Revenue Service? They do not serve anyone or anything accept those that benefit from the existence of the IRS. There is a smoke screen that has been placed before the people to truly reveal the worth of this “thing”, the IRS. They attacked me and my wife late November of 1997. It seems someone else is claiming my daughter and son on their income tax filing form and benefiting from the earned income refund that belongs to me. The IRS has been as helpful as deaf-mutes are at a sing-along. They explain nothing and think they explain everything. They take the position that you owe them an ear when it is your dime paying for the call.

I have submitted all the documents that I could to verify that I and my wife are the only ones in this entire universe that have or can have any connection in anyway shape or form to my daughter and son. We submitted everything possible and still they want more. I have finally had enough and am having to have to go to an attorney to handle the situation. They also claim that one or both of my older sons can claim them on their returns since they earn more than me and therefore I don’t qualify to claim them for earned income credit.

I explained that my two older sons(23,24) are not part of my household and that they have their own attached apartment which they live in. The only reason they didn’t change their address is for convenience of using the same mail box on an already crowed mail box stand. My sons cannot produce one iota of paper that proofs or shows that they even payed for one minute of time for electricity let alone paid for anything that has to do with their younger sister and brother.

The IRS claims the right to stipulate what is an apartment and what is not an apartment. They claim the right to tell you that you need to kick your sons out of your house for them to be considered not part of your household. It urks my gripe what so-called political people tamper with. The IRS is a joke and has always been a joke. They haven’t any business in a so-called free country to tamper, claim, or require the public do anything, with what the public earns and works for.

I ask you to try and call them if you can ask them a question about anything or just talk with them and you will see that they are arrogant snobs.

| You may even get someone that is supposed to help you that can’t even speak enough english to give directions to their restrooms. I do not understand why the US public continues to proceed with this idiotic system of taxes. If it ever went public who they were attacking they would be the laughing dunces of the world. We make enough money to get by. All my vehicles are below 1973 in year and always in need of repair. I have maybe $30 in the bank and owe money to lumber yards, department stores, and gas companies.

I have toyed with the idea of filing for bankruptcy. But I don’t know. As it stands they are trying to get back from me,$1000 or so for 1995,about the same for 1996,maybe $2000 for 1997, and about the same for 1998. If I owed them anything I would gladyl pay. But I don’t owe them anything at this point accept my contempt. And as f ar as the person or persons claiming my daughter and son the IRS is doing nothing about it. They are content in going after me. Thanks. – Hector G.