Your Tax Dollars Help Fund Goodwill’s $5.7 Billion in Revenue. Cash Cow for Owners.

In 2016, Goodwill Industries International got $77.5 million in government and privately funded grants after earning $5.7 billion in revenue, the rest of the money presumably coming from its thrift store sales.

How does the organization, locally, nationally or internationally justify the high corporate salaries paid to themselves when the goods they have been given to them for free? It’s sickening. Brad Turner-Little can try making one excuse after another, basically trying to distract people from the reality that Goodwill is not a non-profit. When salaries to the upper echelon go out to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions, that’s profiteering.

Goodwill itself advises people to check their “legitimacy” via Guidestar. The problem with that is that Guidestar publishes only what Goodwill SELF-reports. The only good thing about Guidestar and other charity-checckers is that they can tell you if the organization filed an application as a charity with the IRS so they don’t have to pay taxes.