Does Goodwill Hate Homeless Veterans?

Goodwill operates more than 3,200 individual stores.

As far as how items are priced for re-sale in their various stores around the country, Turner-Little says, “The pricing structure in stores and outlets is determined by local Goodwill organizations around what will be competitive in their particular market,” adding that greater revenue means more money to reinvest in services for area residents.

If the donated items don’t sell at the stores they end up at, they get dumped into a 99-cents bins type discount chain the organization operates and after that they go to auction. At some point when the stuff still doesn’t get sold in the U.S., it’s sold to overseas markets.

If Goodwill really wants to help people, why don’t they just DONATE the stuff, especially the clothes, to HOMELESS people here at home? Every city in the U.S. has homeless people living on the streets on in their cars. They’re not hard to find.