I am an ex-medic firefighter that took an oath to treat all patients equally. I worked for the Hampton, Virginia fire department for 8 years. After 2 years I loved the job and began to advance and became a medic. I was excited, but it was short lived when I discovered what my coworkers were doing. They were letting black patients die on purpose on 911 calls. They did this by delaying and withholding care. I objected immediately and soon became a target.

My good name was destroyed and no outside agency believed my cries for help as citizens were being systematically murdered. Most of the victims are poor and relied on 911 to get to the hospital. I continued to come under attack but managed to keep my cool and documented individual cases. I have called for investigations for years as my allegations will be easy to prove through documented reports. My cries have fallen on deaf ears. Now I am reaching out via the Internet still screaming for an investigation.

My friend I invite you to view my web site and would love you to sign my guest book. Hampton firefighters are truly “Americas Cowards,” preying on the sick and injured. If you know anyone that would be interested in helping me investigate this tragedy let me know. I need help as I have been threatened not to step foot on fire department property. Thank-You, JJ