I thank you for your kind attention, and I am aware of your busy schedule. And I pray you will forgive my anger at this injustice that has been forced upon myself. But fate has chosen myself for the part of the injured, and you as the guide to all things right. We will play our parts with great vigor, your part is laid out before you, and that is to see that justice is done for your people. The law, and Medical Ethics, are what this is all about. The Medical Ethics speak of a right to know, and we help make medical decisions about our future. The old law provided a remedy for a doctor who was not honest, or ethical, in their work and the patient suffered because of their neglect.

Under public Act #78.1993 all medical ethics are null and void, in the past medical ethics were used to correspond with the old law, and there was a punishment from the medical association, and the law. It was against the law to not disclose information to a patient that was vital to their health and life.


This law has a double standard, and cannot be a law to represent all the people and be selective, toward people who can be cured or made well by more than 50%. This state of Michigan Law, Public Act # 78 1993, violates our United States Constitutional Rights. The fifth amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment, The fifth Amendment states that we are not to be, deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process, of law, We are denied due process of law, because Public Act #78 1993 states that if we could not have been made better by more than 50%, We can not have our day in court.

The state has denied our right to seek damages, by setting a standard that is impossible to reach, when the number 51% was added to law. It says there is no value on less than 51% of our life, The United States constitution says ( nor be deprived of life) meaning all of our life not 50%, But any and all parts of our life, because it is our life and not to be regulated, or portioned, by State or Federal law. As in my case I was denied medical information that was vital to my life, My Doctor failed to inform me that I have Kidney Disease, His records show that in 1993, I had only 50% of my kidney function and His records from 1993-1994-1995-1996-1997-1998 all show according to other doctors that I was in trouble with my kidneys. I got a second opinion from another Doctor in 1998.

And was told by that doctor for the first time I have kidney disease, and have only 16% kidney function and this was confirmed in 1998 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn. Page#2 After I lost five years of time to seek other medical advice, and opinions, and time to prepare myself and family, for this disease, I am told that Public Act #78 1993 says the Doctor can not be held liable. Because I could have been made better by more than 50% had I been told. thus we loose the right to know our medical facts. Under public Act #78 1993[malpractice] there is no penalty under this law, if a doctor fails to properly treat, or give patient vital medical facts. If the patient cannot be made well, or made well by more than 50%. The law will not allow the patient to seek damages.

The malpractice law was made to protect people from bad or untrained doctors, we are told we can not practice medicines, so we must trust doctors. The state has now licensed the doctors, and excused there mistakes, before they are made, and we the people are left to pay with our money, our health, and life. Michigan has gone so far from the rest of the country in there thinking and reasoning they have lost sight of true justice, Nowhere in this country is human dignity valued so low. United States Constitution 14th Amendment.

(Nor shall any State deprive any person of ,liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law) This Public Act #78 1993 is not equal, I did not choose to get Kidney Disease, Should I loose my right to know medical information because I can not be cured? Should I loose my right to a second opinion, because I can not be cured? Should we loose our right to seek damages in court because we cannot be cured?

Our elderly people have problems that cant be cured do they loose there right to know about their illness? Under Public Act #78 1993, under the same conditions, [ except, ] the patient can be made well, the same law will allow patient to seek damages, ( point) we are not equal under amendment’s state that This is in violation of MI. Constitution 1.2 Equal protection; Discrimination.sect.2. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the law. Etc. Michigan Constitution. 1.1. Political power section.1. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit; security and protection dated 1964. State of Michigan violated Mich. Patients bill of rights the gag law, The state says a doctor must tell a patient vital medical information. Public Act #78.1993 has a penalty against the doctor for violating the gag law only if you can be cured? What if you cannot be cured? You still have a right to know, but no penalty Would you have liked a second opinion?

This law Public Act #78.1993 is in violation of our state constitution as outlined above. This law violates our right to know and make our medical decisions about our life. This law sets us aside as being different, and less than a full citizen, of Michigan because we cannot be cured we do not have equal protections under public act #78 1993. We are also discriminated against, because we have a disease that cannot be cured. Or the old cannot be cured should they be told, We were singled out under this law to not be represented.

Under our law structure, malpractice was the only law that protected the average citizen from bad doctors.

When this Public Act #78 1993 was installed we lost several rights.

#1 Right Informed consent——If we cannot be cured.
#2 Disclosure—–If you cannot be cured.
#3 Code of medical ethics—-If you cannot be cured.
#4 Consent———-If you cannot be cured.
#5 Right to day in court to let judge or jury hear case.

The right to prepare for our future, The right to expect the truth from a Doctor.The right to expect justice from our state.

I pray that this law, and the burdens that we bare from this law, will be lifted and removed from our State. Thank You.

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