Citizens Area

The Citizens Arena is where we post stories by various people and companies that have been caught up in the system or been otherwise treated unfairly. If anyone can help, please send us your comments, contact numbers and names and we will pass this information on to subjects in the postings.

The Set Up:   BATF, Sheriffs, Virginia Court System

Recall Lee:   Recall US Rep. Barbara Lee

Eye Medication:   Drug Company Drops Sale of Important Eye Medication

Illegal Taxes:   IRS Collects Taxes on Illegal Proceeds

Ohio Courts:   An Indictment of Ohio Doestic Courts

Wild Horses:   Nevada Legislature a Joke: Wild Horses Suffer as a Result

Riverside, CA Corruption:   Murder, Theft from Corpse, Coverup

Mossy Car Dealership:   San Diego Dealership Defrauds Consumers

Workers Comp:   Employer Grossly Mishandles Workers Comp Claim/Worker Injury

Bum Neighbor:   Neighbor & System Destroyed My Life

Net Fraud:   Internet Relationship Turns to Fraud

No Stock:   Employer Falsely Promises Stock Payment

M.D:   Doctor Threatened by Insurance Co. After Filing Lawsuit

Rape:   Rape Victim Gets No Help From Police in Kansas

Divorce:   Oregon Divorce Game: Rip off Son & Make Mother Pay

Whistleblower:   Whistleblower expelled from College

Firefighter:   Former Firefighter in Virginia seeks investigtion of 911 system/murder cases

Ethics:   Medical Ethics and release of information

Electrician:   Michigan electrician claims fraud in licensing exams

Student:  Student status at Univ. of Michigan Medical Center

IRS:   Complaints against the IRS

Politics:   Political preference and free enterprise